At Vertex Capital we work with buyers of all sizes, specializing in growing the companies of private equity backed operators through multiple acquisitions. We also represent companies of all sizes, from public companies seeking to come into the Life Safety sector to local companies striving to buy out a competitor or grow by acquiring new markets. In all instances, Vertex is there to help you grow. We cover the entire country and have buying opportunities for where you want to grow.



At Vertex Capital we recognize that the best deal for the seller is the right combination of price, terms and structure.  The Vertex Capital Auction Process yields the highest and best mix for you to sell your company and realize the greatest value for your years of hard work. Selling your company involves a holistic approach to the deal, including:

The highest purchase price- Is it ebitda based or a multiple of recurring revenue? 
The lowest holdback, both in dollars and in time period 
The most favorable terms and protections
The right structure for the transaction regarding up front money vs. payouts
The right situation for the owner(s)- exiting, staying on as a partner or employee
The right deal for your employees- selling the assets only or protecting your key employees


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