Recent   and  Upcoming  Speeches/Articles

2014 Security Dealer and Integrator (pages 20-26): Building RMR
  ESTS: Grow, Borrow, or Steal
  Honeywell Connect: How to Negotiate a Security Transaction
  ESX: Traditional vs non-traditional RMR Services: Sorting Out Account Valuations
  ESX: The Coming RMR Wave: PERS & mPERS
  SedonaOffice User Conference - What is Your Exit Strategy
2013 Epstein discussed interesting deals of 2013 and predictions for 2014
  Vertex Capital represents Mace Security International in the sale of its subsidiary, Mace Central Station, to Security Partners
  Honeywell Connect Convention: The Right Acquisition Strategy
  ASP Summit: The Macro and Micro of the Alarm Industry
  PERS Summit: Buying and Selling a PERS Business
  Kirschenbaum and Kirschenbaum Webinar: Selling Non-Recurring Revenue Based Companies
  Kirschenbaum and Kirschenbaum Webinar: Valuing Your Alarm Business
  PSA-TEC Panel: The Difference Between Valuable Recurring Monthly Revenue and Fool’s Gold
  PSA-TEC Panel: Making Money: Financial Expert’s Secrets Revealed
  ISC West/Affiliated Central: Maximize Your Company’s Value
  SedonaOffice: Buying in the Alarm Industry
2012 ESA Webinar: Running Your Alarm Company to Maximize Performance and Value
  Central Station Alarm Association- Exit Strategies for Life Safety Companies
  AIN Conference: The Current State of Life Safety Acquisitions
  PSA/TEC Panel: Recurring Revenue & Integration- A Tale of Two Cities
  SedonaOffice: Overview of the Acquisition Market
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