Vertex’s experience and proven results can assure that your business is marketed strategically, and that it is positioned to maximize the sale of your company.  As you consider the prospect of selling your business, you may be motivated by any of the following considerations:

  • ⊸ Retirement
  • ⊸ Market has changed or appears to be headed for a change
  • ⊸ Cost associated with keeping the business “state of the art”/insufficient liquid capital to keep up with industry changes
  • ⊸ Right time to sell/valuations are strong
  • ⊸ To move into a different business
  • ⊸ To relocate to a different country or state
  • ⊸ Changes in your family situation make it harder to continue the business
  • ⊸ Health reasons
  • ⊸ Personnel challenges
  • ⊸ Family considerations
  • ⊸ You want to enjoy the fruits of your labor, and have more time for travel and hobbies
  • ⊸ You believe the time is right to “take your cards off the table” and reduce risk of losing or decreasing the value you have built

Talk to us today to discuss your options if you want to sell, are thinking about selling your business or want an evaluation of what your company is worth.  Vertex Capital will construct a deal that makes sense for your individual situation. Our contacts and broad network mean that we may have a buyer for you already.

We will discuss your options, and our targeted strategy for connecting you with suitable buyers.  Vertex helps ensure that you get the best value for your business. We obtain for our clients the best combination of price, structure and terms.



Vertex represents buyers ranging from public companies, private equity, and SDM 100 companies, to strategic buyers seeking to grow more quickly than organic growth will produce.  We help accelerate your growth objectives, tapping into our vast network and extensive experience representing buyers.  Recognizing a void in buy-side representation, Vertex adeptly fills the gap and continues to provide ongoing buy-side representation to many businesses and private equity firms seeking to acquire. Whether you are looking to make your first acquisition, or you are part of a seasoned acquisitions team, Vertex expedites your company’s growth so that you will achieve your growth objective.

As a buyer, you may seek acquisitions for any of the following reasons:

  • ⊸ Expanding to new geographic areas
  • ⊸ Increasing the types of products or services offered, and broadening your existing customer base
  • ⊸ Adding complementary goods or services that you can cross-sell to existing customers
  • ⊸ Adding additional recurring revenue that folds easily into your current business model
  • ⊸ Achieving rapid growth through acquisitions that would take longer to achieve organically
  • ⊸ Acquisitions can be more cost-effective than organic growth
  • ⊸ Acquisitions can quickly fill gaps in current services
  • ⊸ Augmenting growth
  • ⊸ Seeking greater expansion or specific technologies or competencies

Vertex can help you propel your business to the next level.  Beginning with the identification of key prospects that meet your needs, Vertex pursues targets on your behalf.  We make the introduction and continue to further the process through strategic negotiation.  Vertex is on the front line, seeking the best possible combination of price, terms, and structure to pursue acquisitions that advance your objectives. Our targeted efforts enable you to continue to run your business while we spearhead your process.


Vertex provides business valuations.  Contact us if you are thinking about selling or preparing to sell your business.

Private Equity

Vertex has represented many private equity buyers.  If a private equity firm seeks acquisitions, private equity acquisitions are at times more layered, due to the necessity to achieve requisite financial imperatives within preordained time frames.  Vertex spearheads the search for sellers that will enable you to hit your target marks.  We are your eyes and ears on the ground- and we understand your objectives.

Vertex helps you hit your monetary objectives by:

  • ⊸ Identifying businesses in industries you want
  • ⊸ Finding targets in new industries that are natural synergies with your current portfolio
  • ⊸ Providing insight into industries in which you are seeking to make acquisitions
  • ⊸ Funneling qualified prospects to you

We help accelerate your growth curve.